We'll Bring the Party to You

We'll Bring the Party to You

Contact a local caterer & make your next event in Clarksburg, NJ a success with catering services

Whether you're hosting a dozen coworkers for a business lunch or hundreds of friends and family members for a wedding reception in the Clarksburg, NJ area, is there any better way to celebrate than with heaping helpings of delicious subs and sides? We don't think so.

That's why you should choose catering services from Hot Shot Subs. We offer a huge selection of crowd-pleasing favorites, so just let us know what you'd like, and we'll customize your order.

Contact us today to arrange for catering services.

Let us take care of your guests

Take the pressure off and enjoy time with your loved ones by hiring a local caterer for your event. We'll deliver hot, fresh food directly to you so you won't have to slave over the stove all day.

You can count on us to impress your guests with:

  • Sub platters
  • Wrap platters
  • Deli platters

Just call us 24 hours before your event, choose your meats, cheeses and sides and we'll take care of the rest. We offer free delivery for orders over $100 and within a 20-mile radius of our Monmouth Road location. We can do emergencies in special cases using our everyday delicious sub bread.

Call 609-223-0459 now to discuss your needs with a local caterer in Clarksburg, NJ.


Call Ahead for Pickup or FREE Delivery within 20 Miles*

3 Foot Round Sub of any combination meats and cheeses Feeds 10-12 $125.00

3 Foot Straight Sub of any combination meats and cheeses Feeds 10-12 $125.00

6 Foot Subs Feed of any combination of meats and cheeses 18 to 20 $240.00

Subs Plattered $10.99 per person (w/ Salads $12.99 per person)

Wraps available upon request

Special Sub Breads require a 48-hour pre-order time.

Place your catering order by calling us at 609-223-0459 or email us requesting more information about a catering order.